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Re: caring

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shortmock wrote:

caring for mother and husband any suggestions help?

Like Jen said, say more and we all can be more specific... but i'll bite...


1. put your zip code into and then go make an appointment with a social worker to find out all the services that are available and maybe free in your area. these services are paid for by your taxpayer dollars! 

2. join a web site like to organize all the helpers in your life who've said, just let me know if i can do anything. And then get those maybe-volunteers to commit. One errand a month. One afternoon a week. One gin rummy game with your mother so you can take your husband out for a drive. I'm hoping there are other family members. Sign them up! Don't take no for an answer.

3. write more here. this is a support group of sorts: you write and then answers flow over time. and you can read other topics under 'caregiving' to find all kinds of tips and advice you'd never dreamed of.

4. hire an aide for 4 hours twice a week, at a minimum. to get 8 hours free time. don't spend all that time doing errands. devote some of it to ME time.


that's a start.

say more?


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Re: caring

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shortmock wrote:

caring for mother and husband any suggestions help?


Welcome to the community. Can you tell us a bit more about your situation? How old are your parents? Do they have any memory or mobility issues? Do you have any health issues as well? Are you working full time? Living with them?  We have a weatlth of resources I can point you to if you can provide a bit more detail. 

Thank you!


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caring for mother and husband any suggestions help?