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Re: Financial Help

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Sounds like she might have to quality for Medicaid in the state where she lives if she doesn't have enough income or assets to pay for care and it doesn't sound like you can readily help her out financially.


If you want to go this route - sometimes the Assisted Living social worker can give you the exact place to go - or you could contact the states Dept of Aging for assistance.  They will tell you if she is eligible after her complete financial picture is known and the types of programs they offer, depending upon her needs, and what facilities accept Medicaid payments for the care of the elderly.  It might or might not be the one where she is currently residing.




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Financial Help

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My 93 yer old mother has lived with my husband and i for the last 12 years (since her stroke).  We had a part time in home caregiver while I was at work.  Recently we had to move her to an assisted living home. It is a lovely home and I feel very comfortable with her care.  It doesn't look like she will be able to come home.


My question is: how do we afford this? Her savings will be gone within the next few months. Then it will be up to me, an only child.  Where can I get financial help?  Should I take out a mortgage on my house (plenty of equity). How much should I borrow? Should I be claiming her as a dependant on my income tax? I dont know where to start.

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