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Any LGBT caregivers out there? Or caregivers to LGBT folks?

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Hey there, caregivers.


Are any of you LGBT? Or do you care for a person who is L, G, B or T?


That article here on aarp is a pretty good overview of the issues. How to provide care when either you yourself are gay (or lesbian or bisexual or trans) or, how to provide care to someone you love who is LGBT.  There is a legitimate concern of aging gay folks, that they will be rejected for their sexuality, which is only one part of who they are, but an important part. Perhaps a gay uncle didn't come out of the closet to his family until his 60s, and now's he 87 and needs help, but is afraid to have a home health aide start praying over him once they discover he's gay. And he really doesn't want to have to go back in the closet if he needs the supervision and support of an assisted livng facility or a nursing home.


I am a lesbian, and a medical geriatric social worker. I've taken care of both my parents, now deceased, and i have a partner who has multiple sclerosis. I wonder if there are folks reading these messages in the caregiving community who'd like to talk about this. Tips, stories, adventures, revelations.


Anybody out there???  "Out" and about???