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Consumer Cellular - Savings at a Cost

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I am new to AARP but feel I need to make this post today as a warning to those that believe the hype around the apparent endorsement of AARP for the Consumer Cellular phone service.


Recently signed up for Consumer Cellular and addionally AARP for the apparent savings for my wife and myself on phone service. Here is what I have encountered over the last 3 days of trying vainly to get connected:


My experience has proved so far, that "Consumer Cellular" stands for CONSUMER of my valuable time waiting to get connected to CELLULAR service that is still non-existent!
We received our SIM cards 3 days ago for our new unlocked phones (purchased directly from the maker, to allow for the flexibility to move to whatever provider we wanted.) Since then I have made multiple calls to CC to get the SIMs activated with our old numbers intact. I have tried waiting on hold for over an hour with no response; waiting for an automated call-back (which is supposed to maintain my place in the queue) for 2 days; and scheduling a call-back for 9:00 AM this morning that never materialized; all to no avail. Somehow after waiting over 2 hours after the "scheduled" call, I was able to reach someone trying one of three different numbers all seemingly linked to the same system. I spent an hour with that person who was unable to port our numbers over from our previous provider and had me contacting that provider on another line for assistance, still without success.
Finally, the CC agent turned my call over to a supervisor who told me the problem was the way in which the original agent had tried to do the port. The supervisor was able to fairly quickly unlink us from our old provider, but since I was calling on one of the cellular lines that was being ported over and had the former provider on our home line, I was going to need to hang up from both and have her call on the home line to assist with the activation of the SIM s in the new phone. She promised a call within 5 minutes. That was 5+ HOURS ago!!!!!
I am still waiting for the supervisor's call and/or both a scheduled and queued call back.
In essence, what CC has been able to do for me in 3 days time is to leave me and my wife without any cellular service and little hope of getting it in the near future.
We, of course will be voting with our feet (and our unlocked phones) but PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT WE DID. I am disappointed with AARP for their connection to Consumer Cellular and will be closely scrutinizing my membership here as a source of REAL Value too.
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