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Re: Memory Issues :(

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Environmental poisons aren't helping. A study posted in the National Academy of Sciences journal in April found that misfolded neural tubes is a common link between neurological birth defects in infants commonly found in pregnant women with diabetes and several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases.


In 2015 a team of scientists determined that fluoride, which is one of about 100 "developmental neurotoxicants" per 2009 EPA report, is one of just 21 substances with verifiable human brain poisoning. Mercury, lead and arsenic are also on that list. Another 2015 study found there were more 11 year olds in American schools with hyperactivity in fluoridated regions. 


Call your Congressman - tell him to get the fluoride out of your water. In the meantime, don't even cook or brush your teeth with fluoride. 


• Fluoride connected to neurogenesis/degeneration via structural brain changes:

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Re: Memory Issues :(

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Please see my youtube channel for care giver tips:
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Re: Memory Issues :(

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As a retired metal health counselor I would sugest taking a good B complex vitamin & fish oil, both of which improve the health of the nervous system, and your brain has the most complex part of your nervous system.  Using memory games such as crosswords, wheel of fortune, scrabble, find the words, etc., also helps, as does reading every day.

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Re: Memory Issues :(

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Have you ever heard of the peanut butter smell test for checking for early signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s?


It seems Alzheimer’s affects your sense of smell and the University of Florida developed the peanut butter test to check for any early signs of memory loss due to Alzheimer’s.


One of the AARP community managers posted about it over a year ago which first drew my attention to it. I’ve provided an AARP link below which explains it all to you. It’s under test #3. I don’t know how accurate it is but it’s a simple test.


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Re: Memory Issues :(

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@p76982b... Hopefully you are staying hydrated???? N.

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Re: Memory Issues :(

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@retiredtraveler - Good point; the brain & body affect each other!

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Re: Memory Issues :(

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Well, I'm certainly not a doctor, but I do know that severe anemia can cause 'brain fog'. The question is: Are you aggressively addressing the anemia? One should not be 'severely' anemic if addressing the underlying cause of the anemia. Do you need B12 injections? Are you eating the proper foods? Are you taking supplements?

   I would assume your doctor is on this and has determined if you have absorption issues, drink too much, have celiac disease. That is, he has found the underlying issues or ruled some out.

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Re: Memory Issues :(

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I realize this isn't an instant fix, but I'm reading a wonderful book titled, "Why Isn't My Brain Working?" by Datis Kharrazian. It's a fat book, but someone a layman can understand, and filled with case studies of real people who had mental & physical issues, that were due to brain/body imbalances. The book also mentions the doctors in these various case studies, so you might find someone in your area who wants to help normalize the body .. rather than just prescribe a medication that only masks symptoms.

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Memory Issues :(

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Good morning. I'm 56. For the past couple of years I have experienced diminished short term memory. (Sometimes long term ain't that hot either. Lol.) My doctor did a quick Q and A in the office and said nothing is wrong! My Mom had dementia at 76. I know I am severely anemic and when my B12 is low it's worse. Does anyone have suggestions or helpful hints. I'm quite concerned. Thanks in advance.  Woman Sad

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