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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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I don't think memory loss is connected with appetite. Think their two different things that occur within the body. I think if you develop a terrible accident or if your lucky and take care of yourself you can maintain a healthy mind. As your appetite you over eat if your happy or depressed or not hungry until your well being causes this and your memory is a mind thing that controls your mind feeds other things that pass through your being.😀
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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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eating more fish less sugar also I've always eating vegetables but now without bacon grease also taking fish oil that is cold pacted ; also doing as many activities outside as possible I do live in Colorado so the weather can be challenging also I do mind games that are challenging the one that I enjoy the most of the word gamesI do believe we have to use all we have and keep yourself absolutely occupied the brain has to be challenged to keep going you can't be still and not challenging yourself to do more give of yourself feel the happiness it is everything our ENERGY age 63..
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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Diet helps and is one thing we can do to better our health and our memory. I live in the country and grow vegetables and pick the wild berries. I also buy my meat, eggs, and other produce fro farmers in the area who do not use natural products. But, there are many of us who have memory issues from other factors outside of our control.  I was in a rollover accident and have traumatic brain injury.  I am hoping to find ways to heal. Any ideas are helpful. (Accident was 1 1/2 years ago now.)

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Diet effects everything. You are what you eat. The chemicals that ingested by the animals as well as sprayed on the crops affect your body.
A client of mine who has his Phd and is a researcher told me in this country 85% of our diseases are from our food. Eastvas much organic as possible.
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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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My great grandmother was 98 when she die. She wasn't slim or trim by any means and hadn't been for many years. She ate according to her Prussian heretage, lots of animal fat. She remained mentally agile up until a few months before her death and the decline was because her heart was failing fast.

I'm not saying we should eat that way but I do think we go too far the other way with today's low fat diets. Now that the FDA has changed it's mind on the role of animal fat in heart disease I think we can look to other possible problem areas, like pesticides and preservatives. BHA and BHT are outlawed in many countries. I know I can't eat them or anything that's been packaged in them without getting a headache and losing some concentration. There are so many things that farmers, dairymen, and livestock ranches do now-a-days to increase their yield that are just not good for their customers and then much of that yield is just thrown away.  We end up with many chemicals added to our food that wouldn't naturally be there and many vitamins and minerals that use to be in our food that are no longer there because modern farming/ranching practices.

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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Smiley Very Happy yes i feel the better you eat the more improved your body is

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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It is not that easy..... A 2013 Institute of Medicine study "Shorter Lives, Poorer Health" shows that even the healthiest Americans are in worse health than their counterparts in other peer (and even non-peer) countries, despite spending more on health care. This is a dramatic turn about from 50 years ago. What was NOT covered in that report is the higher level of chemical exposure for Americans. We drink more FLUORIDATED water and our food has higher concentrations of HERBICIDES and PESTICIDES, including 82 that are banned or restricted in Europe. The common neurological symptoms of poisoning include brain fog, memory problems, vertigo and headaches.  


Want to do something to protect your health and the health of your children and grandchildren? Tell Congress to oppose the TPP,  the DARK Act, the GMO Bill, and Toxic Substance Control Act.... and get the fluoride out of your water and medications! 


For more information, see Erin Brockovick talk to  Bill Maher about the Toxic Substance Control Act, GMO Bill, DARK Act and "pre-emption" that gives pharmaceutical companies carte blanche by taking away state rights and individual right to sue .... These chemicals are endocrine disruptors - they worsen allergies, create thyroid disorders, and destroy kidneys and livers ...... What's your child's kidney worth to you?.... according to biotechs, agribusiness and big pharma, nothing. 

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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AARPTeri wrote:

Put down that steak and order fish!!


Mono- and polyunsaturated fats may be the heroes in the dietary battle to preserve memory.  What dietary changes have you made to preserve your memory? 

I think that diet is connected to almost everything, not just memory!


Maybe once a month I'll buy a 12 oz package of ground buffalo (very lean), otherwise it's just fish in this house. I don't eat fast food, and almost no fried stuff or dairy. Depending on what you read, even olive oil is being questioned, but I alternate between that & coconut oil. Lots of fruit & veggies .. and as much organic stuff as I can find.

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Re: Diet and Memory are they connected?

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"Eat fish while taking a walk. Ha haaaaa "


LOL !   You're younger, Kym,   you just don't realize how ignorant some geezers can be.  


Told a friend who was worried about her bones and getting enough Vitamin D that she should take her glass of milk outside and drink it in the sun every day.     


Didn't believe me.   Duh  



Maybe if she hears it from U she will,    LOL !